The Pixie Book Box

The Pixie Book Box

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Lovers of sprites, fairies and pixies will be enchanted with this whimsical collection of potions, recipes, tools and curios. Themed with shades of teal and coral, the book boxes' secret compartments are filled with a charming supply of ingredients like "Mermaid's Breath", "Powdered Bluebell" and "Star-Salt". Potions to help "Nix Nightmares" and "Attract Gnomes" come with recipe cards, matching ingredients and all the necessary tools. Choose between either a Peacock or Seashell styled box; both have gold-foil stamping and rich colors to make them feel especially rare and mystical. 

The Pixie Book Box comes in three levels with ever increasing amounts of ingredients and recipes. 


  • 5 unique ingredients
  • Set of empty mini-vials, vials and dropper
  • Enchanted Spoon
  • Selection of small curios (feathers, crystals or herbs)
  • Mini Mortar & Pestle
  • Box is around the size of a normal book


  • 7 ingredients with matching cards
  • 2 mini-vials of ingredients
  • 2 potion recipe cards
  • 1 bonus "how-to" card
  • Set of empty mini-vials, vial and dropper
  • Enchanted Spoon
  • Collection of curios (feathers, crystals and herbs)
  • Potion necklace
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Box is sized around the size of a large phone book


  • 14 ingredients with matching cards
  • 6 mini-vials of ingredients
  • 4 potion recipe cards
  • 2 bonus "how-to" cards
  • Double set of empty mini-vials, vial and dropper
  • 1 large empty, extra-large potion bottle with cork
  • 2 styles of enchanted spoons
  • Large collection of curios (feathers, crystals & herbs)
  • Potion necklace
  • Large Mortar & Pestle
  • Hand-held strainer
  • Box is sized at 14'' x 12' x 6'' (It's huge!)








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