Obsidian Book Box

Obsidian Book Box


Perfect for the emerging Sorcerer or Sorceress, the Obsidian Book Box is for those in search of serious powers. A selection of cosmologically inspired ingredients like "Dark Matter", "Angelwort" and "Phoenix Tears" are combined with golden glitters, black black feathers and rare quartz crystals. Potion recipes are more advanced: "Increase Charisma" or "Erase Dark Thoughts".

Boxes come in 3 styles, an embossed black and brown mandala, a foreboding skull, or a black leatherette in dragon skin.


  • Sachet of mini potion bottles
  • 3 liquid ingredients
  • 3 dry ingredients 
  • 2 mini-vials of ingredients
  • 1 large vial of sizzling Bone Dust
  • 10 matching potion trading cards
  • 2 empty, ready to label vials with cork and dropper
  • Large empty potion bottle
  • Extra mini-bottles
  • Enchanted spoon
  • Potion necklace
  • Crystal, feather and herbs
  • Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
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