Coyote Book Box

Coyote Book Box


Just like Coyote the Trickster this book comes full of pranks and mischievous antics. Outrageous, silly and disgusting ingredients like "Vampire Saliva", Rumpus Root" and "Bone Dust" are paired with potions to "Amplify Annoyance" or create "Super Speed". 

The Coyote Book Box comes in two styles: The Skull Book is a deeply embossed, black book with gold printing and a magnetic closure. The Griffin Book is a rich, royal purple with a golden griffin. 


  • Sachet of mini potion bottles
  • 3 liquid ingredients
  • 3 dry ingredients 
  • 2 mini-vials of ingredients
  • 1 large vial of Bone-Dust
  • 10 matching potion trading cards
  • 2 empty, ready to label vials with cork and dropper
  • Large empty potion bottle
  • Extra mini-bottles
  • Enchanted spoon
  • Potion necklace
  • Crystal, feather and herbs
  • Ceramic Mortar & Pestle

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