The Alchemist Book Box

The Alchemist Book Box

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The Alchemist Book Box is perfect for the earnest student of classical potion making. This is the mysterious book found in the corner of Grandma's attic. Looking like it travelled straight from the 1700's, the book box is covered in medieval scrolling embossed onto leatherette. The velour lined box is then filled with all the materials and tools for concocting a variety of essential potions.

A short list of ingredients includes: "Elixir of Atlantis", "Dragon Tears", "Yggdrasil Bark", "Mugwort", "Beetle Eggs", "Jack's Beans" and "Psiquico Vine". When combined, they create the potions like "Summoning the Moon", "Sweetening the Air" or "Thrive". Since we work hard to make each box unique, your kit will come with a surprising set of ingredients and potions.

Choose between the Green Garden or Magic Carpet box.


  • 5 unique ingredients 
  • Set of empty mini-vials, vials and dropper
  • Enchanted Spoon
  • Selection of small curios (feathers, crystals or herbs)
  • Box is around the size of a normal book


  • Sachet of mini potion bottles
  • 3 liquid ingredients
  • 3 dry ingredients 
  • 2 mini-vials of ingredients
  • 1 large vial of Fizzle-Sizzle
  • 10 matching potion trading cards
  • 2 empty, ready to label vials with cork and dropper
  • Large empty potion bottle
  • Extra mini-bottles
  • Enchanted spoon
  • Potion necklace
  • Crystal, feather and herbs
  • Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
  • Box is around the size of a phone book
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