The Alchemist Potion Bundles

The Alchemist Potion Bundles

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Any Alchemist would be thrilled to have access to these rare and unusual ingredients. These bundles include 7 ingredients in vials or droppers and a set of empty vials for new potions. Potions are bundled into a fabric sachet for easy storage under a cloak.

Add in the matching potion cards for new potion recipes and details on the origin of each ingredient.

Mugwort Magic
Traditional practitioners will add to their apothecary with this medicinal mix. Comes with "Heal All", "Essence of Evergreen", "Psiquico Vine", "Blizzard Blessing", "Mugwort", "Jack's Beans" and "Fizzle-Sizzle". Adding a card set includes usage and collection details for each ingredients as well as the secrets to making "Thrive" and "Flower Power" potions. Bonus card for learning to make "Forest Wards".

Stormy Bundle
Head in a mythological & meteorlogical direction with "Liquid Storm", "Elixir of Atlantis", "Dragon Tears", "Yggdrasil Bark", "Gaia's Grace", "Butterfly Blue" and "Fizzle-Sizzle". A card addition means details on each ingredient as well as instructions to concoct "Light of the Moon" and "Sweeten the Air" potions. An extra card for learning to make "Bee Charms" means even more potion projects.

Double Alchemy Bundle
Bring together the magic of both sets for a gigantic collection of 14 ingredients and new vials. Adding the cards gets 20 complementary cards for a universe of exploration.


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