Obsidian Potion Bundles

Obsidian Potion Bundles

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For those seeking the secrets of the Universe, these mystical and mysterious potions are a must have. Practitioners of this type of magic are not afraid of the dark, and may even be curious about what happens on the other side of the veil.

Adding on the matching potion cards for reveals hard to find potion instructions and details on the mysterious origins of each ingredient.

Phoenix Bundle
An animalistic theme runs through this bundle of 7. "Viper's Milk", "Phoenix Tears", "Witch's Balm", "Blood Bane", "Herb of Grace", "Angelwort" and fizzling "Bone Dust" are included in the collection. With the addition of the card set, practitioners expand their skills to learn how to "Repel Curses" and "Increase Charisma". Bonus card helps reveal how to leverage "Freezing" - a practice of controlling your thoughts and setting intentions.

Dark Matter Bundle
Venture into the outer edges of the universe with the Dark Matter collection. "Unicorn Shadow", "Furious Tears", "Star-Salt", "Dark Matter", "Shadow Sorrow", "Cosmos" and foaming "Bone Dust" are the perfect set for exploring the dark side. Add on some cards for instructions on how to use each ingredient, as well as guidance on creating potions for "Dark Thoughts" and "Justice Be Done". Bonus card for learning to use "Clear Quartz" in enchantments.

Obsidian Bundle
Combine both the Phoenix and Dark Matter bundles for a collection of 14 ingredients and new vials. Adding the cards gets the 20 matching cards - an entire universe worth of potion making.


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