Coyote Potion Bundles

Coyote Potion Bundles

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Refill a Coyote Book Box with a brand new set of potions and cards. Refill kits include 7 icky ingredients in vials or droppers and a set of empty vials for new potions. Potions are bundled into a fabric sachet for easy storage.

Add in the matching potion cards for new potion recipes and details on the origin of each ingredient.

Rumpus Bundle
Giggly and gross, this set brings to the goblins to the yard. Includes "Witch Farts", "Basilisk Venom", "Rumpus Root", "Powdered Dragon Poo", "Gargoyle Boogers", "Beetle Eggs" and "Bone Dust". Adding a card set to this bundle brings the story behind each ingredient as well as the potion recipes for "Amplifying Annoyance" and "Stealing Secrets" and helpful instructions for using "Snake Skin" in everyday potion making.

D'Druff Bundle
Dragon dandruff is one of the most dangerous ingredients in the universe to collect, that's why impish magicians will love this new set of potions that includes "Pixie Pee", "Spider Screams", "Leprechaun Snot", "D'Druff", "Fairy Freckles", "Dragon Heart" and effervescent "Bone Dust". Add a set of cards for details on each ingredient as well as the recipes to learn the "Super Speed" and "Too Bad For You" potions. "Cobwebs" is an extra card on how to collect and use tattered spiderwebs for curses and spells.

Double Trouble Set
Get both the Rumpus and D'Druff potions together for a full set of 14. Adding in the card set (19 unique cards) means infinite possibilities.


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