Springtime Potions - Garden Gnomes

A sweet potion to welcome garden gnomes into the yard, balcony, or patio. Best when used in Spring.

Greeting Garden Gnomes

Pick one each of three different kinds of wildflower or weed. (Gnomes especially like dandelions.)

Tie the three flower stems together, preferably with a piece of black thread. (If thread isn’t available, a rubber band will do. You can even use a piece of tape.)

Combine in a vial:

1 pinch Tatiana’s Thistledown
2 drops Essence of Sunset
1 pinch Unicorn Shadow

Shake vigorously, then put one drop of the potion on the largest flower.

Place the three flowers in the space where you want the gnomes to come. When they wither, you will know that they have arrived. Discard the flowers.

Note:  Gnomes are short, so put the welcoming flowers in a low place so they won’t think you’re making fun of them.