Making magic: Sizzle Snow

I've gotten a bunch of requests to share the recipe for sizzle snow. Sizzle snow is a bubbling powder that sizzles whenever it gets wet. It's made from a few simple household ingredients available at any store - and it's totally safe. 

Have fun experimenting with the recipe! Sizzle snow is very similar to any bath-bomb recipe - you can add whatever essential oils or colors that you like.


1. Citric Acid (available in the canning section or online)
2. Baking Soda
3. Fine glitter
4. Essential Oil (make sure it's not something too strong)
5. Flower petals or Herbs
6. Food coloring or liquid watercolor (kid safe)

Mix it up!

Start by whisking the dry ingredients. Then, add a drop of essential oil and a few drops of color. Be careful! Too much liquid will start a sizzle fest. Go light. If you are pressing the snow into a mold to shape it, add a tiny bit more liquid to create a crumbly mixture.

Dry or Shape?

Since the snow will be slightly damp, you can press it into a mold to dry. Small cubes or ice trays are perfect. Otherwise, spread it onto a cookie sheet for a quick dry in a warm oven. This step evaporates the moisture so you have a powder and it won't harden up in your container.


Store for later or use it now!

Place the snow into containers. Tiny glass jars, little sachets - make it special and precious. Any dropper of water or other liquid potion will create sizzles, sounds and magical smells.