First twinkle of PotionKit

It all started with a Christmas gift for Io. Our criteria for the “perfect toy” is long: Something homemade. Unusual. Imaginative. Something played with for hours. Authentic. Beautiful.

And, of course, it needs to be memorable. 

There are a few things we like to avoid: screens. Packaging. Our kids love crafts, but kid kits are universally low-quality. Science kits are cool (STEM!), but they are one-time use and require our supervision. (Don’t get me wrong - I love helping the kids with a project! However, my idea of the perfect toy is one of independent, creative play alongside me while I cook dinner).

We knew she loved mixing things from the kitchen and garden. We are always washing out her latest “concoction” in the sink. What if she had something just for her love of potions? Something magical and surprising? Something she would remember in 20 years from now?

It started with a beautiful book box with a secret compartment. 

Then we filled it with little bottles, spices, herbs, incense and flowers. Then tools of all types: mortar & pestle, tweezers, pipettes. Anything she would need to start bringing any spell to life.

Her opening that book was such a delight.

It stole the show for Christmas. First for hours, then for days and then weeks later - she mixed, mashed, stirred and bottled. Her older brother joined in, learning how to use carbon dioxide to pop cork stoppers out of their bottles. She and he collected new things from the garden, made teas and tinctures, and wrote down their own recipes. The magic grew far beyond that Christmas morning.

So, we decided this was too much fun and we had to make more. We’ve shopped and collected far and wide to bring together the best materials and ingredients. Friends and kids came over and tested - we refined and put together a set that is long lasting, fun and just right. 

Now we are making the kits in small batches and to order. It’s been amazing seeing more kids playing for hours on their own, making discoveries with all their senses and keeping the magic alive for just one more year.

We hope you love them too!

Miss Io Faraday

Miss Io Faraday

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