Light of the Moon Potion


A potion to protect against moonburn, star sickness, and all other celestial afflictions.

Find a window that looks out into the dark sky. Press both hands against the glass, palms first. 


Starlight, moonlight, dark night. All delight.”

Turn the hands around and press the backs of the hands to the window and repeat the words,

Starlight, moonlight, dark night. All delight.

Being careful not to touch anything with your hands except the ingredients and materials needed to make the potion, combine:

3 shakes Yggdrasil Bark
2 sprinkles Butterfly Blue
2 drops Liquid Storm

To apply, drip one drop in the center of the forehead and rub in. (If the Butterfly blue leaves a smudge, wipe it off.)

This potion will not work unless it is crafted on a moonless night. If you can see even a sliver of a moon, wait for another night. If you touch anything not potion-related—a doorknob, a fork, another person—you have to start the “dark-cleansing” process over.


From the Alchemist Book Box