Rumpus Root

Let the wild rumpus begin!

This brownish, tea-stained root is suspended in a mysterious, gelatinous solution. It smells spicy on the nose, but familiar, like Christmas? Or is it the smell of boy's socks? Depends on the person doing the smelling, I suppose.

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Nix Nightmares

This is one of our most requested potions - either parent's asking if we can include it just in case, or a special request from a child to help with their slumber-state.

Holiday season in review

The 2016 holiday season was...crazy. So rewarding though, each time a package went out it felt like a little missive of magic was being sent out into the world. The studio was busy day and night, ribbons flying and the sounds of taping boxes, printing labels and stuffing filler.

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Busy, busy little elves

Droppers, vials & ribbons! They are piling up around us as we work into the night. It is nourishing work to be creating holiday joy - each package that goes out feels like a little blessing being sent on it's way to a new home.

As soon as we can make new kits we are re-stocking the website. Check back if you are looking for something that is currently sold out.

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Our valley in the fall

In the fall the Snoqualmie river changes shades from minute to minute: after a heavy overnight rain it's a milky, churning coffee color with entire trees swept along. Two mornings after that it's a peridot green, bringing all of us anglers out in our waders, hoping to get a Thanksgiving steelhead.

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Light of the Moon Potion

A potion to protect against moonburn, star sickness, and all other celestial afflictions.

Find a window that looks out into the dark sky. Press both hands against the glass, palms first. 


“Starlight, moonlight, dark night. All delight.”

Potion Kitchen update

I'm so excited! This summer we have been building out our barn to create a new PotionKit studio. 

So many little drawers to fill with magical bits of this and that. It means that each kit can have some improvised goodies - a feather, crystals, acorns, or potion cards that match the interest of the magician receiving the box.


First twinkle of PotionKit

It all started with a Christmas gift for Io. Our criteria for the “perfect toy” is long: Something homemade. Unusual. Imaginative. Something played with for hours. Authentic. Beautiful.


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