What are potion kits?

Magic in a secret box
Potion Kits are beautiful book boxes filled with magical ingredients and tools for kids to make potions. All the components will last long past their original use and have a second life as a kitchen tool, jewelry box or other treasured memento.

We are committed to using sustainable, authentic, long-lasting and non-toxic materials. 

Are they safe?

Food quality ingredients 
All potions are created from food-quality ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. Spices, baking powder, food coloring, and psyllium husks. Any other ingredients, like glitter, are from kid-friendly art supplies.

Kid safe components
We believe in giving kids authentic materials. This includes glass, metal and ceramic. All glass vials are lab quality and tempered, we haven't broken one yet!

What if they eat their potion? 
Other than the tail they will surely grow, nothing will happen. All ingredients are safe to eat. Disgusting, but totally safe.


Herbs and Petals 
We hand collect and dry all the plant elements in the kits. They are organic and could be made into beautiful tinctures or teas.

What about refills?

Open the cupboard!
Anything in the kitchen is a candidate for refilling the bottles. Check out our blog for ideas.

Go outside
Most kids will naturally wander outside to find more ingredients - this is awesome and endlessly creative.

Refill sets
We also have refill sets available - we can send a variety of filled bottles minus the box.